Rates for game music and SFX



Less than 20 seconds

Musical sound Effects



Per 30 seconds of music

Piano or two instruments

Ambient background


Per 30 seconds of music

Less than 10 instruments

This could be what you're searching for!


Per 30 seconds of music

Full orchestra

More than ten instruments

Game Genres

RPG, JRPG, ARPG, Platformers, Fighting, Fantasy, Adventure, Puzzle, Metroid Vania.

Music Styles

Chip tune, Ambient, Classical, Orchestral, Hybrid Orchestra, Rock, Metal, Blues, Symphony Metal, Folk.

How does this work?

Talk to me about your project (I'm friendly!):


@inkeyesmusic on Twitter.

Send me all about your game, what kind of music are you looking for? And please send some references from other soundtracks or songs that have the sound you want! This is very useful. Is there something on my portfolio that fits? Remember the more I know and understand about you project, the better I will deliver... And there's always space for feedback ;)

Once I receive all details you can also make a USD$10 no-refundable deposit so I can make a quick demo of 20 seconds in order to know that I'm doing what you'll love. If you like it, then I'll finish the complete track!

Terms and Conditions

For licensing, you have exclusive royalty free rights to use the music in your specific game or project that it was commissioned for, for the purposes of marketing that game or project via social media, on related platforms (itch.io, steam...), and on your website.

I agree to never resell commissioned work.

You agree to credit Inkeyesmusic in the game and on all platforms where then game appears.

I retain the right to use the music for my portfolio, here on this website, and for my own self-promotion on social media (links back to your project will be included)!

I request one title image from your game or project to include here on my website as well as some gameplay footage to use in my demo reel.

If you have any additional requests, questions or concerns please email me.